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Pure Family Fitness Small Group Training

All memberships include four FREE small group training classes!

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pure family fitness small group training

Initial Training

If you are brand new to the gym world and looking for a kick-start, then this class is for you! If you have had an injury, have questions on how to advance, or want help setting goals, this is a great introduction to training. This class is suitable for everyone.

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Endurance Small Group Training

Complete Total Body Circuit, HUSTLE, & TRX each within a week each week for a month! Win 1 FREE month to Pure Family Fitness on us!


A specialty to Pure Family Fitness and Powerhouse! This is a great start to prepare your body for our S.W.E.A.T program. Learn agility and metabolic conditioning drills, and experience the many benefits to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Kettlebells, agility ladders, and plyometrics are some of the tools used in the class. Modifications and advancements are always ready to be made. Hustle for the muscle and speed up your metabolism!


Utilizing compound movements with free-weights and machines, this class compiles exercises into a circuit that will challenge your full body! Advancements and modifications can always be made. Gain strength, burn calories, and improve muscle recovery faster with the various circuits that trainers create.


Learn the versatility and functionality of TRX suspension straps and how beneficial this piece of equipment can improve your fitness! Trainers will create a circuit of drills using your own body weight. Advance in this class by changing your body position to add intensity. This class will also get you ready for our S.W.E.A.T program or continue to challenge you throughout your fitness regimen.

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Strength Small Group Training

Try all classes with any package and receive two FREE personal training sessions!


Understanding the core stabilizing muscles and their role in functional movements will help you safely perform exercises and even set personal records on lifts. Both introductory and advanced exercise enthusiasts need this class to build a solid foundation of strength and improve movement quality. This class will help those who have chronic back pain and even those looking to work on that stubborn mid-section.


A combo class of Core Training and Lower Body. Expect the bang for your buck in this 30 min session. All levels welcomed and advancements for metabolic conditioning or pre-hab movements are always available to be added in by the trainer.


Learn the basic functional exercises such as squats, lunges, and even glute bridges. A member could expect to use weighted machines, body weight exercises, and balance exercises to build the biggest muscle groups in the human body. Metabolic conditioning exercises could be added or given as advancements if needed. Pre-hab and mobility exercises could be discussed or used as well if needed.


Using body weight and weighted exercises, the trainer will discuss upper body pulling and pushing movements. Do you have questions about a shoulder injury or how to improve your bench press? Learn the exercises needed to obtain symmetry, correct movements and improve posture, even tone and shape your chest, shoulders, and back.

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