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Pure Yoga Classes


Pure Basics

This class is a perfect place for those new to a yoga practice, or those looking to brush up on the basics. Yoga poses are taught with a fundamental focus on alignment and understanding how a pose should feel in your body.

Vinyasa Flow

A style traditionally known for its use of breath work seamlessly streamed together with yoga postures. For beginner to intermediate yogis, vinyasa yoga encourages practitioners to recognize how every action in our lives connects to an intention of moving towards what is most sacred or important to us.

Pure Power Yoga

A fusion of hatha, vinyasa, and ashtanga-styles. This class is for beginner to intermediate yogis looking to challenge their practice and create opportunities for growth and untapped potential. Incorporates pranayama (breath work), flowing asanas with opportunity for advanced postures, and meditation.

Tantra Vinyasa

In its roots, Tantra is the idea of connecting your conscious mind with your own energy through meditation or tantric breathing techniques, including ujjayi breath and kumbhaka (breath retention). The combination of breath with Vinyasa movement flow creates a specific Tantric breathing pattern that helps your consciousness and your energy to become one piece for deeper understanding of your inner space.


One of the classical yogic traditions, practice includes sun salutations with poses intended to balance and restore. Includes both flowing postures and opportunities for deep holds that challenge strength and flexibility. Perfect for beginner and intermediate yogis.

Pure Fit Barre

Barre offers a joint-friendly, low impact full body workout. Using the combined principles of ballet, pilates, yoga, strength training, and short cardio bursts, barre focuses on pushing muscle groups to the point of fatigue through smaller, controlled movement followed by thorough stretching. The result? A super effective way to tone and strengthen from head to toe! Low impact doesn't mean low energy, clients can expect a fun, empowering environment suitable for any stage of fitness with modifications available for almost every movement. Light weights, a yoga mat, and non-slip socks are all you need!

Restorative Flow

A gentle practice with poses that are supported with props, allowing for longer holds and deeper release. Melt away tension and enjoy the benefits of synchronous breath and movement, while still finding plenty of opportunities to slow down and restore mental and physical well being.


Kundalini yoga is a physical and spiritual practice for all levels incorporating an awakening of energy in the base of the spine with movement, breath work, meditation, and mantras.

Embodied Flow

Megan Hoeffner's signature class utilizes yoga poses, breathwork. and meditation designed to help you experience deep self-connection and understanding. Class will leave you with a deep sense of calm and focused energy.

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